My name is Petko Bozhinov.
I'm a software engineer and I create reusable components for the web. I am also an enterpreneur wannabe, a political activist and a passionate skier. I would be happy if you want to read more about me, my interests and some of my thoughts into the blog section and eventually get in touch with me.
Sincerely yours,


Open for a talk

I wanna help you. If you find something below into my skills chart that looks to you as a solution to your problem, feel free to text me.


Scaling to you

I realize that every single human being has a different perspective about the so called 'important things'. And every single different perspective requires a different approach.



People say that every problem has a solution. I'd add that the solution of every problem is unique, doesn't matter if it comes to technology or psychology.

About Me

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Petko Bozhinov

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I am currently working at Infragistics as a software developer. We are creating reusable web components using Angular.
I got my Informatics BSc from the German language faculty of TU-Sofia in 2020. Before that, I was a student in ELSYS, where I graduated the software development classes.
I have a wide spectrum of interests - from software development to international relations. I like Blockchain and experiment with it every day. I am also currently trying to release a startup. πŸš€
I used to be a teacher. That's a thing that I'd certainly recommend you to do if you have this opportunity.
My mother tongue is Bulgarian. I'm currently located in Sofia. I am equally fluent in English and German and a beginner in Russian.
When it comes to software engineering skills, I think that the chart below and my resume describe my abilities better.











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  • I gave a talk at the ISTA Conference about design systems and reusable web components. It was a co-talk with a guy from SAP, all on behalf of Infragistics and SAP.

  • With all the ups and downs, 2020 brought me much joy as well. I graduated. My thesis was a business application to help businessowners have a better track on their expenses. I used the components that we create at Infragistics. The app was written in Angular and ASP.NET Core 3.1.

  • I spent a little time at Key Development prior moving to Infragistics. That's my first full-time job. We were crafting beautiful components for the IgniteUI (primarily IgniteUI for Angular). I also assisted in creating a Sketch-to-Angular tool to help developers turn their designs into code faster. At Infragistics, I was using Angular and ASP.NET.

  • Meanwhile, I switched jobs. Again part-time, this time the company was called Key Development and consisted of four. We were creating an ERP software for German customers, using AngularJS and PHP's Laravel.

  • The idea behind the blog was to summarize my thoughts at one place. I needed a place, where my comments won't get censored and in general, a place where I can write more about the problems that are affecting me.

  • After a few years of wondering whether I should do something like that or not, it was finally a fact. My website got a huge redesign, including a more-detailed About section about me, the interests of mine etc.

  • I decided to start working because of the lack of large projects as a freelancer. I'm currently working there as a backend dev and I'm using PHP's Laravel.

  • I was also offerred to be a teacher in the school I graduated. I'm even currently teaching 11th graders on Web design principles and HTML and CSS basics for the ones who have never had contact with them.

  • I was offerred to be a tutor in the discipline Introduction to Programming Basics. The laboratory exercices aimed to teach the students the programming language C, as well as to inspire them to continue their studies

  • I needed some air so I decided to start a summer job at one of the most favourite bars of mine.

  • A website I created for one of the first importers of the exotic coffee from Indonesian civet. I used Laravel for the development of that website and Social attendance was included into the pack, but the company didn't lasted long so it's all down by now

  • Me and a friend of mine decided to make a gift to one of the best nightlife places in Sofia but sadly, they refused it. We bought the domain mixtape5.club for the present to be complete but after the refusal, we moved the finished website into archive and it's no longer available. It was written on PHP's Laravel.

  • Version that's currently on air. It was released in the summer of 2016 and has practically no backend. The only form uses AJAX to fulfill its task.

  • I was a marketing research trainee. We were given a topic to research and at the end, we were supposed to say whether an investment into the specific field is worth or not.

  • I wanted this domain so bad and the first time I saw it free I decided to buy it. That's what was live before the current version.

  • I was primarily reading about network, protocols, requests etc. After this internship, I implemented the BitTorrent protocol as a course work to defense my diploma from TUES.

  • One of the very, very few websites which I created and are currently running. It's a Wordpress-based solution.

  • This website had a custom developed CMS because at that time I beleived it would be easier to develop one instead of integrating WordPress but you know, one should always evolve:) What's sad is that this website was almost never on air.

  • The design idea continues the same tendency but sadly, as the website was moved in archive, I broke some links so the menu doesn't work anymore:(

  • I won a free .eu domain which I decided to turn into a custom URL-shortener. The code could be seen into my Github account

  • One of the versions I like the most. The idea was to enhance the currently working version without any major UX changes. I was inspired for this concept by the Porsche's cars. They evolve through years but are always somehow simillar.

  • A conceptual design which actually never turned into a working version but I still keep it because in my opinion, it's the one of the most aesthetical looks that 4bitt has ever got

  • The versioning doesn't actually matter, but I'm saying it's v2.0 because the website experienced a complete redesign since I was tired of the old one.

  • That's how the initial version of the first product of mine looked like:) 4bitt is the brand under which I was creating websites.

  • A fan site of GTA San Andreas which I made when I was 10 and was built over a template but is the project that hooked me into web development.

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