Petko Bozhinov

Hello one more time. I'm Petko or nicknamed Pepo [p'ɛpo].

I'm currently an informatics student in the Faculty of German Engineering Education in the Technical University of Sofia. I graduated ELSYS in the year of 2016, where I studied Software Engineering.
I'm occupying primarily software development positions but I actually never perceived myself as a pure* software developer. What I like to do is dealing with people's behavior. And what I really like is taking people's behavior into account in order to prove some theories (of mine and not only) about enhacement of productivity. I'm currently studying motivation principles in-depth and would like to use them studies into some kind of burn-out prevention courses or lectures or whatever would help developers out there not to fall into this devil's creation. But that's only a plan for the nearest future.

When it comes to me, well, it is a little bit hard to describe yourself properly, but I would definitely state that I consider myself as an oportunist and adventurer. I like new things, innovations and speaking in general - enhacements. I'm a huge fan of Blockchain and Blockchain-based apps. Probably as the majority of people who like Blockchain, this interest of mine was caused back in 2013, when the first huge Bitcoin breakout happened. I was still green but I wanted to know what was happening and why and therefrom I heard of Blockchain, which defined one of my greatest later interests. I had some faulty investments, but I would skip the detailed information about that ever since it is a sick topic for me :D

One of my last school days...
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I do have a bold interest into politics and international relations. I have something about the Middle-East questions and I'm a fan of the Oriental culture. I don't have any specific religious preferences but I like the Eastern beliefs (Chakras and more abstract stuff like that, you know). Ever since I moved away again, I would like to say that my political views are based on free market and free trade with a very, very small state intervention. Okay, fullstop.

I do teaching as well, as you probably know so far from my manifest in the Home page. But I would like to tell you that I definitely recommend you to give it a shot if you can. Until now, I simply love it, I mean what counts here are not the grades you write but the motivation you are trying to spread. And one of the most beautiful things one could ever see is the progress of the people one's teaching. It's simply amazing and once more, when it comes to motivation, it arises itself it's firmly bidirectional. The students are motivated by the teacher and the teacher gets driven from the success of the students. And you certainly meet new and really cool people:)

"Thought is the labor of the intellect, reverie is it's pleasure."
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And because this self-portrait somehow became too official and work-based, I would like to say that I love techno and house. I often enjoy myself at some shisha bars in Sofia and I love almost all kinds of gigs. I would even greet you with this track, one of my recent favourites (bear in mind that it's something the majority won't listen to in their sparetime if it is not strictly neccessary but somehow and again, I find the extraordinary into the unaccepted):

I can't think on much more to say and furthermore I guess I said enough so if I think on something more, I would update the section and would be really, really happy if you want to chat:)

*I didn't know how to say it but what I meant was a person who makes a living only by creating software


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Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.
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